Our systems created for gas distributors provide information on distribution networks including topographical, topological, technical, and operational data, or about the connected customers. 


References projects:
  • Deployment of modular system for issuing statements concerning location of underground networks in NET4GAS

The technical-operational information system designed especially for gas distributors provides information about:

  • Distribution network including topographical, topological, technical, and operational data
  • Connected customers
  • Technical and administrative records
  • Photo documentation and other tasks related to the operation of the system
  • Objects such as land, buildings, and networks owned by the company

The solution may be enriched by data from the Cadastre of Real Estate, orthophoto maps, or data from other systems. It is used when the location of a malfunction needs to be identified, when acquiring information on all network components or about immovable property, and during planning interruptions of operation, replacement, and maintenance. The user benefits from a comprehensive view of the gas distribution system and company property due to combination of graphic, technical, and descriptive information.

The information system enables integration and immediate access to technical, operational, proprietary, and marketing and sales data tracked by the gas company. The solution can be incorporated easily into the company information systems infrastructure.