Based on growing needs for data publishing and updates in the GIS intranet environment, Unipetrol group decided to implement a solution that will provide efficient publishing and simple administration of geographic data for all its companies and sites. Unipetrol decided to extend its AMI information system for property management and supporting services by adding a new mapping server. After analysing the products available on the market, a decision was made to implement Geo Web Publisher from Bentley Systems.



“Implementation of GWP technology substantially contributed to the satisfaction of AMI system users due to faster and improved quality of geographic data presentation; it also made the system administration and its further development easier and more efficient.”

Ing. Václav Novák,
Support Services Department Manager



  • Increased loading speed for map outputs in all UNIPETROL group areas
  • Simple interconnectivity of AMI system to the GWP window for special tasks
  • Map window standard tools such as printing map clippings, including the “stamp”
  • Simple import and update of data from different data sources, especially from DGN


Customer profile

Unipetrol group is a leader in the area of crude oil processing and petrochemistry in the Czech Republic, and one of the key players in Central and Eastern Europe. The main business activities include crude oil processing and wholesale, petrochemical production, and sale and retail distribution of fuels for motor vehicles.

Starting point

The task was to replace the current legacy solution built on a Geoserver open-source solution, because it no longer met the ever-growing demands of range and complexity for published geography data. Significantly, it was missing a simple and transparent means for creating thematic maps and linking new sources, as well as unambiguous and fast outputs. When the system was used for site management tasks it was clear that on one hand an open-source solution is definitely cheaper when it comes to initial investment, but on the other hand it requires greater capacity allocation of the system administrator in order to meet company expectations and it has technology limitations when publishing complex maps.

Project outcome

Unipetrol group companies are using a Geo Web Publisher (GWP) as a robust map server supporting the creation and publishing of geographic data primarily stored in an Oracle database, but also data from available data DGN drawings, all accessible via the AMI system. This interconnection provides more operative and flexible settings and configuration of the visualization mapping services, allowing the administrator to directly manage the content and symbology of the displayed map data. At the same time, GWP also increased the system performance and reduced response time to users. The standard functionalities of the GWP map window offer new options for how Unipetrol companies use geographic information data for special tasks.

our Solution


Bentley Geo Web Publisher is a comprehensive solution for the creation and management of spatial data in a web environment. By using GWP, it is possible to easily create a usable interface between GIS applications, using diverse data sources.



The scope of the solution included delivery of the Bentley Geo Web Publisher tool, and its implementation into the Unipetrol group infrastructure. We established initial settings and ensured that map layers were visualized correctly. Actual tasks from the GWP map were implemented in order to interlink it with the AMI system and the AMI system was reconfigured in order to use the new GWP as a map client, instead of the current WMS client. Further, we cooperated on the task of implementing the solution into the company as smoothly as possible by ensuring the distribution of necessary software components.

We trained key users and map passport administrators, and we wrote documentation describing procedures for typical tasks. Last but not least, we optimized and repaired data in order to display the data faster and with the required quality.

Basic project information