Implementing AMI system for property management at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University

Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem, which owns a vast campus and dozens of pieces of real estate, decided on passportization of new and existing buildings. HSI implemented the AMI system for object passport data management and as a central entry point for maintenance requests interlinked with other internal company information systems. Data about immovable property and other university property was unified and strategic company management became more efficient.​



“The HSI product was chosen as the one most convenient for our need to perform passportization of several sites and dozens of buildings. We appreciate the speed and range of technical support, including HSI’s positive customer approach. We are planning further cooperation.” 

Bc. Josef Prokop,
Technical Operational Department



  • More efficient university management thanks to property data consolidation
  • Unification and systemization of university real estate, including map-backgrounds
  • Simplified creation of comprehensive system materials for higher-level institutions, such as the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and for strategic company management


Customer profile

Jan Evangelist Purkyně University (UJEP) was founded in 1991. Currently, there are seven faculties and one institute occupying more than 60 buildings throughout Ústí nad Labem and covering more than 120,000 m2.

Starting point

When the new campus was built, the need arose to execute passportization of the new buildings and also to measure existing buildings, which had documentation stored in a paper form or electronic PDF format. The requirement was to interlink the new system to other existing internal company systems, namely iFIS and STAG, which have been used by the university for a long time.

Project outcome

The outcome of the project is efficient support for premises management and utilization thanks to unified documentation with real-time central visualization and an emphasis on data accuracy. Support processes management has improved, including their integration into complex company management. Interconnection with current systems enabled easier creation of materials for strategic company management and for the higher-level institutions.

our Solution


AMI Passport for object passportization and AMI Maintenance for maintenance requests modules were used in UJEP. The whole system was interlinked with the iFIS economic system and the STAG academic system.

It was also connected to ČÚZK (State Administration of Land Surveying and Cadastre) sources, which made it possible to use external map-backgrounds via WMS and WFS services. Registry of Territorial Identification, Addresses, and Real Estate (RÚIAN) was implemented, serving as a basis for plotting the sites and buildings. Storeys were converted and imported into the AMI system to the scale of basic building blocks.

Passportization of older buildings and conversion of their project documentation are in progress, in order to be compliant with the AMI model.

Basic project information