IS for automation issuing of the Statement about existence of cable network and a GIS system for ČD-Telematika

ČD-Telematika a.s. successfully implemented VEST, an information system supporting statement administration and related processes and legal obligations resulting in up to 50% savings on the statement processing costs. The company also implemented a GIS system based on the HSI solution platform and Bentley technology. Location data for ČD-T and SŽDC telecommunication networks was consolidated and network technical documentation procedures were unified.​





“Implementation of the HSI solution enabled our company to make network documentation processes more efficient and it provides much needed support for our ability to supply a wider scope of high quality telecommunication services to our customers.”   



Ing. Pavel Bartoň
Director of ICT Services Operation department



  • Reduction in time required for statement processing from days to minutes
  • Statement costs reduced by up to 50%, with the prospect of further savings after the GIS data is populated
  • Increase in the company’s prestige thanks to electronic communication with applicants via web portal
  • Consolidation of location data for ČD-T and SŽDC telecommunication networks
  • Telecommunication network location and topology data provided to a wide range of users in ČD-T and SŽDC within the map portal
  • Control room supported by map display of incidents and work orders based on network location
  • Improving maintenance processes due to locating malfunctions faster
  • Annual OPEX costs savings are over 5 million CZK


Customer profile

ČD-Telematika is a strong and stable company providing a wide range of products and services in the area of telecommunications, informatics, and telematics with service parameters guaranteed in contracts. Services are provided thanks to the second most extensive ICT infrastructure in the Czech Republic, central data storage, server farms, and development, service, and other specialized departments. České dráhy, a.s, SŽDC s.o. and ČD Cargo, a.s. are among its most prominent customers. Other important customers include many telecommunication operators such as CESNET, the academy network provider, government, and other leading companies with decentralized management.

Starting point

As ČD-Telematika a.s. is a growing company with a nationwide presence, it required unification of the networks location database, which was necessary in order to execute efficient maintenance of the network, as well as for providing telecommunication services. What was missing was a unified overview of the telecommunication network, especially in the area of data and IP network topology with the ability to switch to a physical layer and to locate individual cable routes on the map. Manual statement processing was ineffective and was using resources needed for updating data in technical documentation and operational processes support. Last but not least, it was necessary to replace the existing map application that no longer provided sufficient functionality and flexibility to meet the users’ requirements.

Project outcome

The outcome of the project was a VEST system implementation fine-tuned to the specific needs of the customer managing networks of more than one owner. Telecommunication networks are now recorded in a unified way in the GIS system. Other employees can access information about cables, pipes, and other network components via a thin web client implemented on the Bentley GeoWebPublisher (GWP) platform. A special module was developed by HSI as an extension of standard functionalities. It supports creation of data and IP network topology schemes that are also represented in the GIS thin client. Direct integration of graphic data and relational data in ETS system was part of the project scope.

Our Solution


The unique aspect of the project and of the solution lies in the simultaneous implementation of GIS and VEST. This connection was necessary because VEST automation requires digital vector data for conflict assessment processes. The project was divided into four phases. In the first phase, analysis, it was necessary to design links to internal systems, especially to the customer’s inventory system ETS, which is built on an MS SQL relational database. Publishing of ETS data was implemented in the ORACLE environment in order to also have this data available in the VEST and GIS systems.

The second phase was implementation. During this phase, GIS and VEST systems were connected to the customer’s authorization system. This was one of the project’s key requirements and therefore the customer’s ETS tools assigned application roles in GIS and VEST systems.

Further, a data model of graphic objects was created and the first version of GIS client was deployed. GIS employees were trained, and from this moment on, vector data began to be created and it was possible to start the VEST solution implementation.

A tool for creating topology data for network maps was implemented in the third phase and we started GIS thin client development. Due to the fact, that ČD-Telematika a.s. manages networks of more than one customer, it was necessary to address specific requirements about managing access to data within the thin client. A custom HSI extension had to be built over the basic GeoWebPublisher technology, which extends its standard functionalities.

We were able to deploy the thin client in the fourth phase, which simultaneously confirmed the functionality of the solution during the pilot run. The project was completed during a fifth phase, where several change requests were completed and also support for interaction of the thin client with the customer’s ETS system was created.

The project included many innovative and unique solutions, starting with development of the HSI extension over the GWP, up to the complex interface to the ETS system. 

Basic project information