PRE group implemented a project to unify the diverse record-keeping systems for proprietary relations (contracts) and immovable property (land and buildings) thanks to a Jednotná evidence nemovitostí (JEN - Unified Immovable Property Records) system created by HSI. The JEN system is integrated into the GIS environment, which ensures graphic and descriptive information about individual objects is interlinked.



“PRE group was in need of a unified system due to the fragmentation of its records in the area of proprietary relations (contracts) and immovable property (land and buildings). Thanks to the solution delivered by HSI a new system called Jednotná evidence nemovitostí was created. It is integrated into the GIS environment, which enables interlinking of graphic and descriptive data about individual objects, plus there is the option to automatically display the relevant information due to the data overlap, including its interconnection to the SAP system.”

JUDr. Jana Hejnová,
JEN methodologist​



  • More efficient work – users do not have to duplicate data entries into several systems
  • Lower error rate – systems communicate automatically with each other and share the data
  • Saving time – automated interlinking of JEN and SAP systems
  • Better data access – users have up-to-date and unified data in one clearly arranged record-keeping system
  • Data visualization – interconnection with RÚIAN (the Registry of Territorial Identification, Addresses, and Real Estate) graphic data for immovable property


Customer profile

With approximately 680,000 delivery points, PRE group is the third largest electricity supplier in the Czech Republic. Core activities of PRE group include electricity sale and gas trading throughout the Czech Republic, electricity distribution and production, and supplementary energy services. PRE group consists of Pražská energetika, a. s., the parent company, and its branches: PREdistribuce, a. s., PREměření, a. s., and eYello CZ, k. s.

Starting point

Over time, the legacy record-keeping system of immovable property no longer met the new requirements and did not support new processes, which forced the users and data administrators to address them separately, outside of the system. Separate records were created, which often held duplicate data and users shared them in the form of MS Excel tables with no unified structure or clear data description. In addition, there was no interlink with and check against the data on immovable property and contracts existing in the SAP system. As a result, many inconsistencies arose between the users’ records and records in the SAP system. It became more and more difficult to prepare the reports and to determine which status in which record is referential.

Project outcome

Key requirements for the system were met including interlinking of individual records and up-to-date data. Users now have access to a unified record-keeping system (for Pražská energetika, a.s., PREdistribuce, a.s., PREměření, a.s.) and, because the systems communicate with each other to share date and keep records up to date, they do not have to duplicate data entries in multiple systems.

our Solution


Integration into GIS was selected as a basis for the unified immovable property record-keeping system. In this way interlinking is provided with RÚIAN real estate graphic data, PREdistribuce technical constructions graphics, or easements recorded in GIS.  Users then have the option to not only look at the location of immovable property on a map, but also look up the status and surroundings of the relevant area in the orthophoto map in order to find information on the built-up area of the land for tax purposes etc. Users can also access up to date referential data of the RÚIAN.

The most beneficial part of the solution for the user is that it is interlinked with the company’s SAP system. An interface to SAP systems was built where information is shared mutually. When users create a contract on an easement in JEN, it will automatically be created in the SAP DMS as well. If someone updates contract information in the SAP DMS, it will show also in JEN, which means that users have access to up-to-date and unified data any time, in one clearly arranged record-keeping system. An advantage of the unified digitally managed system for immovable property record-keeping is also the ability to quickly generate a large number of reports. These include reports on contract deadlines, checking the numbers of geometry plans, checking the easements, and displaying changes in Cadastre of Real Estate and RÚIAN data.

Apart from the predefined reports, the users are able to create their own reports and export them to MS Excel. Support for company processes is secured by more convenient registration of immovable property and reports creation, and also by sending e-mail notifications to defined groups of users, which gives the users a prompt update on important changes in the area of records relevant for them.

Basic project information