Thanks to the property management system, universities have the ability to efficiently care for their extensive property, monitor maintenance costs, and to control the processes related to property improvement.

For universities, property management includes information about buildings (and constructions in general) in several locations, their arrangement from the organizational or educational point of view, and diverse usage of the property. Due to the fact that there are a large variety of educational, operational, warehousing, accommodation, and other types of spaces, it is necessary to systematically monitor a great number of records.

ReferenCES projeCTS:

The solution offers the following types of records:​

  • Technical – external and internal areas, buildings, rooms, furnishing, and equipment
  • Underground services
  • All property
  • Administrative records and photo documentation

Also offered is the ability to link to the Cadastre of Real Estate and geo-information, with the option of graphical representation or map location.

Thanks to this comprehensive and interlinked information, universities have a unique tool at their disposal for monitoring maintenance costs and control of processes related to property renewal. This enables them to take efficient care of their extensive property.

At the same time, the software can be linked to the systems typically used in the academic field, i.e. systems for study programs and extended financial systems. A combination of graphic, technical, and descriptive information makes it useful not only for the facility management office, but also for the students themselves.